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Social Media Marketing

Next Media Solution offer professional social media marketing Dubai services to help brands and companies to grow their business and to increase their customers. Our social media agency in Dubai helps customers to achieve establish business objectives and to identify target audience. We are experts in developing engaging and worth-sharing content and to inter-connect social media posts with all other fields to boost online presence.

Basic SMM Package
AED 1000
  • Keyword Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Facebook
  • Google plus
  • 3 updates per week
  • Number of Blog posts 2 Per/Month
  • Network Popularity 60 mins/Week
  • Content Research & Development

Advance SMM Package
AED 1500
  • Keyword Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Facebook
  • Google plus
  • Twitter
  • 5 updates per week
  • Social Book Marking
  • Number of Blog posts 4 Per/Month
  • Network Popularity 90 mins/Week
  • Content Research & Development

Premium SMM Package
AED 2000
  • Keyword Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Facebook
  • Google plus
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • 10 updates per week
  • Press Releases
  • Social Book Marking
  • Number of Blog posts 6 Per/Month
  • Network Popularity 120 mins/Week
  • Content Research & Development

What is Social Media Marketing

It’s a digital world where people from across the globe have been connected via a unified platform of internet and social media platforms.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest have enabled companies and brands to create awareness among people regarding business and produces via social media marketing. Companies use social media to increase their presence online.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Services enables our customers to connect to its potential customers and to share relevant information leading to an increase of the sales, and awareness of brand and products. The outcome of Social Media marketing is reflected in the number of likes, shares, comments, and views. We provide Social Media Services in most popular platforms such as

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Daily Motion
  • You Tube

Social media marketing Dubai

Social media empowers companies and brands to increase awareness among its potential customers, to attract new customers and to improve sales.

We pay close attention to our customers’ business and understand their business requirements. By learning about customers’ brand niche, there are better chances to tweet, retweet, like, share and pin business and brand to social media recognition. This can be done by creating Buzz news and viral content to boost your business and online sales.

We equip our customers with all the resources essential to make social marketing content, posts, videos and photos relevant and attractive to target intended audience. We have got a team of talented and skilled social media marketing team to assist our customers to increase followers and customers online.

Social media marketing Dubai strategy

Social media marketing dubai is entirely about online interaction and presence. We help our customers to boost online business, to attract new customers and target audience on all the social media platforms.

We provide customized social media persona plans by understanding business requirements and provide different strategies for different social media platforms.

  • Identification of relevant and most suitable social media platform.
  • Classification of Intended target audience and potential customers.
  • Business requirements and needs.
  1. Sales
  2. Online customer interaction
  3. Cost saving goal
  • Primary Content Type
  1. Text
  2. Caption
  3. Photos
  4. Videos
  5. Info graphics
  • Structure of the posts
  • Scheduling of the posts
  • Relevant links and blogs
  • Desired end goal

Our Niche

  • To bring new pre-qualified customers
  • To save time and money
  • We have years of experience for your project

Social media services

Our social media services include

  • Online marketing Strategy
  • Online setup
  • Content marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • Social media advertising

Our Values

We believe in customized services. Next Media solution is reputed for its

  • Attention to detail
  • Result orientation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timed project delivery
  • Solid evident Results

Our Services

Uses of Social Media Platforms to grow your audience

To boost your business online, it’s important to create such a viral content that engages audience.

Brand Monitoring

We assist our customers to improve brand’s reputation using the social media platforms and tools.

Social Media Contests

Facebook, Instagram and other social media contests highly increase quality traffic to your company’s website in a very short time duration.

Social Media Management

Our social media professionals communicate on multiple social media platforms with our client’s current and potential customers to increase traffic to the website.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

Our experts create social media profiles for our clients with awesome eye-catching images, fantastic graphics and attention grabbing striking page designs that guarantees to attract attention from interested customers.

Social media is now playing an important role in boosting business and its online presence and to attract customers. We help our clients to build strong following and to reach more people quickly and easily.

You can contact us anytime if you intend to grow your business online by harnessing the influence of social media.

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Social Media Marketing
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