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Social Media Marketing Guide 2018

Social Media Marketing Guide 2018

Social media marketing or SMM simply refers to the process of using different social media platforms for gaining more traffic. It is such an influential and powerful marketing strategy that even the high profile celebrities and presidents bow to the power of social media. However, it does not mean that with a random use of any social media tool you can ensure success to your business. In fact, tackling a business by using social media can be tough for any newbie or immature. If you believe that a healthy number of followers, posting random blog posts or status updates are going to grow your business, then you are in utter befuddlement. The truth is, real social media marketing demands dedication and proper planning. It requires a lot of time, effort and a complete understanding of various social media platforms. We have created this social media marketing guide just to provide you with the best  social media optimization knowledge, so that you can grow your small budget business with your own designed media marketing guide

Best Social Media Platforms

First, let’s try to explore different social media platforms that are good for different marketing activities. All of these social media platforms have their own unique environment and require different techniques in order to get the maximum advantage out of them.


Facebook is a social networking site that is used by more than 90% of marketers. It allows having conversations with the customers and then you can communicate your message with users in a number of interactive ways, i.e by sharing images, videos and industry related blog posts or articles.


Instagram is another famous social media platform around the corner which has more than 200 million active users, however, marketers are not actively using this medium. The few who utilize Instagram, they do it to show the personal side of their brand.


Twitter is a micro blogging type platform where you can send and receive short messages to potential customers, 80% of the marketers use this platform for the marketing purpose. Using this tool is different than Facebook as the whole marketing revolves around dialogue and communication, so interact as much as possible. It works better for B2B social media marketing platforms

 Google Plus

Google Plus is one of powerful social media platform, especially for social signals required to get ranked in google, as it comes under the umbrella of Google. Power of Google and simple interface, makes it popular among users. Nearly 42% of the marketers use it for the marketing purpose and they prefer it because of its ease of use and uncluttered environment.


Linkedin no doubt, another influential and most professional social media marketing site where you get a chance to  interact with the people in the similar industry. Almost 70% of the social media marketers prefer using this tool for the marketing purpose. Here you get to share your content with the like minded peoples.


Youtube being top video hosting service which can be used as an incredibly powerful social media marketing tool. Nearly 58% of the social media marketers use YouTube with the aim that their videos will go viral. Well, the chances of going viral are pretty slim until you have designed a terrific video, but it definitely gives a boost in search engine rankings.


Pinterest is one of the best images based social platform which allows viral content to spread quickly. It is being used by more than 41% of social media marketers,  Different small businesses use this medium to share pictures of their products or some even infographics.


Tumbler is a blogging powerhouse or you can say the social version of a traditional blog and its users prefer images and videos  over the written content. Tumbler helps users, creating long term connections as with this platform, users can connect to your blog with more ease.


Snapchat is image filter based social media platform, mostly used for personal exchange, but marketers can also effectively use it for the growth of their business as there are nearly 26 million users of this app in the United States.


Reddit is one best social media platform for sharing compelling content, but it welcomes only truly unique content. Submitting a spammy content or fully sales focused post can get your business berated. However, sharing of unique and compelling content could reap you tremendous benefits.

Effective Use of Social Media Platforms 

Generally, smaller businesses are unable to hire a social media specialist and random posting on any of the social media platforms does not help. Without devising a well planned social media strategy, you cannot hope that your business will grow within days, mere with the random use of these platforms. Here to help you out, we have compiled a list of best practices that if implemented correctly, can help your brand to solidify its relation with the customers.

Adopt a Loyal Approach

Going viral is the obvious aim of every business, but if you will work with this approach means all the time trying to go viral, it will work less than taking a loyal approach. Reach people for loyalty not for millions, getting a few loyal followers are more beneficial than having millions of random followers. Take your followers as real life relationships and they will reward you like the worthy relations in real life.

Social Media Target Audience

Develop targeted content and try to reach your target customers, especially if you have a physical location, try to engage yourself with the customers who visit that location. You can choose social media target audience through detailed targeting and setting media target audiance

Maintain Social Media Content Calendar

The things you are going to post on all these social networks must be planned way before the actual time. It is even better to set up a content calendar in advance that shows you what you are going to post every morning you sign up your account. Give due importance to important events in your calendar also consider niche days that are related to your business.

manage social media post calendarBe Interactive with your Followers

Now, when you have got a good number of social media followers, give due importance to their voice. Interact with them regularly, not only them what your company has to say, but also listen to them, learn about their interests and try to gratify their needs.

Convert Followers into Customers

Once you feel that your relation with the followers has become trustworthy and they are coming back to you so often for getting second opinions, then start dropping in offers and turn your social media followers into customers.

Don’t Over Share

Sharing everything that crosses your mind on social mind is not a wise approach and especially when you are using this medium for the growth of your business. Posting too often random posts, photos or videos can turn off your audience, instead of over sharing, put your focus on quality sharing and make your audience hold to your page for life time.

Listen to Follower’s Voice

Although frequent interaction with the followers builds a strong relationship between you and your social media followers,  but it does not mean that you have to be a part of every conversation. Sometimes, it is better to let other people discuss and you are still a silent key player. All you have to do is decide what types of posts you are going to respond and what to just observe.

React Quickly to Negative Feedback

People tend to respond more quickly on a positive feedback and they delete the complaints, but a prudent social media marketer will never go with this approach. If you are receiving a negative feedback, take it as a constructive criticism and respond timely. May be the person is expecting a resolution to his problem and it is your chance to repair your reputation by addressing the problem immediately.

Over to You!

I just hope that this post has given you a good idea about different social media platforms, their relative importance, what role they can play in the growth of your business and how effectively you can make use of these platforms for the maximum of your benefit. Have to say something regarding brand awareness through social media, feel free to share in the comments section given below.

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