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Mobile App Development Dubai

Mobile app development have not only modified entire customer behavior but has also expanded their expectations. Nowadays, people are dependent on mobile apps from e-shopping to bill payments. Next Media Solution work with entrepreneurs and inventive startups to transform business model by developing creative and interactive mobile applications.

Basic Package
AED 20000
  • # of Screens  4
  • # of Data Input fields   10
  • Social Network Integration  2
  • Service Integration   4
  • Productivity Processes
  • Work on ANY screen
  • Options for Enterprise

Advance Plan
AED 40000
  • # of Screens  7
  • # of Data Input fields  15
  • Social Network Integration  4
  • Service Integration   8
  • Bar Code Scanning Support (1D, 2D)
  • Location Capture (As fine as possible)
  • QR Code Support
  • Mark location in map
  • Device native audio player integration
  • Device native video player integration
  • Productivity Processes
  • Work on ANY screen
  • Options for Enterprise

Premium Plan
AED 80000
  • # of Screens  10
  • # of Data Input fields  20
  • Main Camera
  • Secondary Camera
  • Social Network Integration  6
  • Mobile-Ad Service
  • Bar Code Scanning Support (1D, 2D)
  • Location Capture (As fine as possible)
  • QR Code Support
  • Mark location in map
  • Directions from current location
  • Face Detection (only Android)
  • Pattern detection
  • Device native audio player integration
  • Device native video player integration
  • Service Integration 12
  • Sharing content (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Payment Gateway #

Mobile App Development Dubai

Next Media Solution provides mobile app development Dubai services. We are considered to be the pioneers in town in developing high-quality apps. We build application on multiple platforms like iPhone and Android.

We strongly believes in boosting business by developing mobile applications and facilitating customers by providing user-friendly app interfaces. We understand companies, their brands, their products and especially their users and customers. We guide and assist our clients to develop successful mobile and technology strategies.

We have got a team of expert mobile app developers in Dubai which is considered to be masters in converting any business or startup idea into a successful mobile app.

We develop full-scale mobile app solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. We don’t just develop apps but our niche is to develop successful apps which boost our client’s businesses. We have got experts for app development and app strategy consultants to guide our clients regarding their idea starting from scratch. We make sure full-service app development solution from marketing and advertisement to the distribution of app to intended audience.

Our Team

Our team comprises of experienced

·        Consultants

·        Strategists

·        App Developers

·        App Designers

·        Project & Account Managers

·        Marketing Analysts.

We understand our clients’ budgets and try to customize apps according to their requirements and business needs.

Our 360 degree App development Solution

App Strategy

We understand your business requirements and devise strategy keeping in view market competition and demand.  We help in making your business app stand out in app store.

Business App Branding

We develop customized app for our clients to emphasize their unique identity and individuality. Customization of app includes following features:

·        Selective typography

·        Color palettes and schemes

·        Personalized iconography

·        Logo creation

QoS Customer Experience Management

We provide complete customer experience management solution which covers following services

·        App store description – useful content for new users of app educating new users

·        Support request – to communicate with the users and customers

App Analysis

We have got experts in Google Analytics and Mixpanel to provide assistance in order to follow market trends.

App Interface & Design

We develop beautiful, attractive, creative, functional and easy-to-use app design keeping in view the type of users.

Why to choose us?

Optimized Budget

We have got different app development packages from limited budget for small-scale startup to large-scale enterprise deployments. We develop apps to suit our customer’s budget.

Team of experts

We have a team of experienced app developers to guide our clients from initial concept design to final version.

Initial Idea strategy

We have got Project Consultants to discuss and properly strategize app idea and transform the idea into a commercial success.

State-of-the-Art technology for App development

We just don’t develop simple apps rather we focus on business growth via apps usage and utility. We strive hard to make our apps a commercial success in the market.

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign a dedicated Account Manager for each and every project to update and guide our clients through the project completion. The Manager can be contacted any time via phone or in-person meetings.


Types of App Development

iOS App Development

The iOS platform is an unbeatable marketplace for innovators to expand their business. iOS development empowers companies with infinite possibilities to develop excellent interactive applications. We have got expert developers to create best iOS apps. Our iPhone app development projects are done by highly skilled and experienced project managers and developers who pay strong attention to details. Our developers’ impeccable programming skills has empowered us to develop exceptional functional apps.

Android app development

We have got a skilled team of designers and developers to transform your idea into an Android app. Our main objective is to build great apps which not only look stylish and attractive but are easy to use and extremely user-friendly. Mobile applications developed on Android must run smoothly on various devices since Android is all about variety of devices and compatibility. Our quality assurance (QA) team maximizes apps’ functionality by testing it on multiple available devices.